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Reasons why GTA has been the most promising title in the industry

 The Grand Theft Auto or GTA series is the highest rated in the entire gaming industry, according to our site Arab Hardware, the GTA V game won the "Gold Award", the game was rated 8/10 by 82% of its players across the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany France 10/10 with 40% of its players, beating all of its competitors at this time, this series is also the fifth most played by all players and the most popular among male players in particular.

Unsurprisingly, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is the crown jewel in the series and is the most played version of GTA with 63% of its fans, in addition, GTA is improving as a complete series; 81% of players agree that the series is still improving over time until this improvement stops at 2013, (but this is another topic, dear reader).

But what is the secret of its success? How is the game still selling years after its launch? We took a closer look at the data to find out why.

GTA "one of the most popular games".

Reasons why GTA has been the most promising title in the industry

As mentioned above, Grand Theft Auto is the highest-rated series out of 100 in gaming history, despite the strong titles like Zelda and Pokémon, GTA's high ratings have made the series the most popular in the industry.

But there is a main reason behind the success of this game, which is freedom. You have a certain feeling of freedom in the game that no other game provides, you want to be a simple criminal? You so, you want to break up and kill everyone in your path? You got that too, wanna save someone? Yes, you can do that too.

This game allows you to experience a "realistic" lifestyle which is totally impossible in real life for the average person .. well, you can punch out a random guy in the street in real life if you want to, but if you don't want problems with him then do it in GTA 5 Instead, of course, even there this guy might come and hit you with his punches, this game is basically all your fantasies in life, you are free to steal, race with others, drive planes, or steal vehicles in the world of Grand Theft Auto. .

Especially in GTA Online, which is another great Rockstar achievement, you can live the life you want, no restrictions whatsoever and to be honest, the sheer amount of variety offered by just one game is incredible and additionally, the game is amazing to look at. To which it takes to a whole new level with some improvements to graphics, there is pure pleasure simply driving around the open world of Los Santos while listening to great music and watching people live their lives.

GTA's appeal is also not limited to players who use a single device, although the series is mainly played on consoles, 20% of GTA players play GTA on a PC, 8% on other smart devices, and 7% On mobile devices for example, PSP or Nintendo Switch (these stats are for 2017) this is because the old titles in the GTA series have been successfully ported to every platform, games like San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III still remain, each of which has a On PC, Consoles, and mobile, Remaster was the current first choice for 20% of players.

Reasons why GTA has been the most promising title in the industry

Due to its continued popularity (which is now booming since it was introduced for free recently), GTA continues to dominate the gaming industry, just take a look at all the lesser-known Grand Theft Auto facts that will show you just how much GTA 5 is thinking, it all works together perfectly. This is why Grand Theft Auto 5 can be considered one of the best games ever.

Its lasting popularity with PC players can be seen in our monthly ranking of the top 20 primary PC games played, GTA V and GTA San Andreas Multiplayer have been consistently in the ranking since September 2015 and in January, they ranked # 10 and # 9, respectively, that's important because It appears that GTA has an appeal outside its main title, as with other popular game series, the popularity of the series is boosted by the ease with which players can manipulate it across platforms, something that is increasingly important in our era but gradually more than you can imagine. But at the same time, the Multi-Player mode does not limit the fun of the original game.

This lies in all the situations in the story that create memories that last a lifetime. Each of the three heroes have their own background, different thinking, and different approaches to situations in one game. The heroes get three amazingly unique lifestyles, many games cannot do. So, there is nothing else like this game.

Continuous successes for the non-stop GTA title!

Continuous successes for the non-stop GTA title!

However, the GTA title rests on the extraordinary success of GTA V, Take Two's recent financial data showed that the game has now made over 130 million copies worldwide without the free copies that came from Epic and were purchased in 2020 more times than it was in 2015 or 2014, the numbers seem to defy gravity.

However, these numbers make perfect sense when we think what the players think of the series, when we saw a question to GTA players whether the game has improved since its launch, more than 80% agreed or strongly agreed with the phrase and only 4% did not agree, players do not believe The series has worsened, and this is almost entirely due to the introduction of one new element in the series shortly after the game's launch which is GTA Online, the mode that allows players to create their own Avatar, indulge in robberies with friends, and mess in Los Santos has been overcome. , This element came on initial launch hurdles to become a consistent service that players love up until now.

An additional important component to GTA's success is the fact that it is considered a complementary addition to game libraries, rather than being confrontational. This is best demonstrated in the comparison between the favorite series of GTA fans and Call of Duty (COD) fans, while one of the main reasons for players to engage in both games is. It is the opportunity to indulge in online violence, with 24% of players saying this is their main driver, each group of players identifying the other series as their preferred alternative option.

Continuous successes for the non-stop GTA title!

This is because each game offers something markedly different to players, the main reasons players enjoy COD include in terms of competition (31%), use of strategy (16%), and ease of play (14%). But for GTA, the main reason apart from violence is the open world coordination which is (23%) with factors such as RPG elements (14%) and character creation (10%), and of course GTA wins over its counterpart (I'm not comparing dear reader It is a puzzle that you have to understand.)

In short, the world of GTA is a playground for user expression as much as it is an arena for recreational reckless violence, in the words of Keith Stuart of The Guardian, GTA V is a "place not a game", this prevents GTA from becoming a competition to other games and sees Keith Stuart instead That it crossed all limits, as did Minecraft, this allows it to continue to be successful years after its launch.

Will GTA V stay in bed forever?

Will GTA V stay in bed forever?

The question is whether it can continue to grow and for the answer, there's no theoretical reason why it couldn't, but where is GTA 6? Did you not read, dear reader, what I said above? This is another topic we'll be opening soon after it's almost shut down since the June Sony event of this year.