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First look at League of Legends: Wild Rift for smartphones

Smartphones have finally become classified as a gaming platform, especially after a host of strong titles that topped the gaming industry' numbers.

And now the giant company Riot Games came to compete strongly in the world of smartphone games by releasing tft and Legend of Runeterra and titles provided a wonderful and distinctive gaming experience but each title of them has a very specific category of fans, one game cards and the other game Auto Chess so it made sense not to acquire these games a large segment of the market especially as they compete with games Patel Royal such as Beji Mobile and Code Mobile.

But the company had a card to hide later and is wild Rift, which is already available in the Middle East as the version of Early Access and this game is a phone version of the famous Game of Legends.

First look at League of Legends: Wild Rift for smartphones.

Of course, the importance of League of Legends in the region is one of the most competitive games in the Middle East and North Africa and the presence of this game on the smartphone is a big event for every lover of electronic games.

So here we are today taking a first look at Wild Rift and giving you the first impression of the game but remember dear reader that this article is not a final review of the game as I am still working on the review and trying the game for a longer time so that I can understand all its details and aspects.

Lots of buttons and a tough challenge.

At the beginning we should know that Riot Games faces a very big challenge because of the control buttons because the original game needs many buttons and unlike the games Battle Royal, all the buttons inside the game League of Legends important buttons and are used sequentially and without interruption.

When you experience Wild Rift the first thing you will notice is that there are many control slots on the screen that take more than half of them in fact so it may be a bit more painful for any new player on the game where he finds himself required to press all these buttons at the same time.

It's much better if you're playing the original game which happened to me where I knew every control key and its function, and here I was surprised by the mastery and genius in selecting button positions because it didn't represent me any obstacle already and dealt very smoothly of course not easily the original game but much better than I expected.

Smaller map and faster games.

First look at League of Legends: Wild Rift for smartphones.

Wild Rift map is the Summoner's Rift map that we know and are familiar with but with some modifications that fit the game's idea.

The most notable modifications were at the base of each team where the inhibitors in front of the base towers were deleted and in this way be in front of the team after the destruction of the towers gates towers towers in front of the base and then finish the game.

This adjustment is very ideal because the stage of destruction of inhibitors takes a very long time and you need the effort of the team and here we are talking about mobile game and of course mobile game must reduce the time of matches and as we know the league matches are the longest and may sometimes reach 50 and 60 full minutes per game and average 30 minutes per game.

The skills of the heroes in the game have also been modified where you now get the ultimate skill in the fifth level instead of the sixth level and this means faster in the games where the heroes are able to enter battles faster.

A game built from scratch.

First look at League of Legends: Wild Rift for smartphones.

It should be noted that Wild Rift is built from scratch and is not a replica of league of Legends which is good by the way where the characters were reworked graphically and many character movements were added that will not be found in the original game.

Overall the game graphically is very bright and comfortable for the eye and does not consume all the resources of the device but will not talk much about this point in this article and leave it for full review God willing.

A game that doesn't waste time.

First look at League of Legends: Wild Rift for smartphones.

Most of us resort to smartphone games to waste time in public transport or while waiting generally but this game does not quite harden to waste time in all these situations, the game is extremely competitive and all the duration of the game is very busy and can not leave the phone literally.

Also unlike Battle Royal games you can't hide in Wild Rift or stay still for a while because this stillness means you're finishing the game because you won't get enough experience points or kills to improve your performance in the game.

We can say Wild Rift is a competitive high-end game like any PC game but it has been transferred to a smartphone so I don't advise you to use the game as a companion to waste time in some situations.

You can sign in to your original account.

First look at League of Legends: Wild Rift for smartphones.

You can simply log in wild Rift using your account for the original game and will automatically move to the new game your friends list but of course the heroes or any elements of the original game will not move to the new game even if they are in the two games.

Personally I like this trend from Riot Games all the games that have been released whether on mobile or even on pc we enter it using the same original account and moves with you your friends list which is great easy for you to enter the game because it will be very difficult to create a new account for each new game of Riot Games.

The number of heroes is lower.

First look at League of Legends: Wild Rift for smartphones.

The game tries to transfer as many heroes as possible from the original game to it but certainly the original game still contains a much larger number compared to Wild Rift but at the same time the characters now available in the new game are very suitable and have a great deal of variety and cover all the lines and roles in the game.

On the mention of the roles in the game still suffer the game a little because the lines are undisciplined and the process of selecting characters random so you may find a game start without a forest player or everyone wants to go to the middle or top.

Especially with the speed in the game led to the absence of some roles such as sport or jungle player but we will not judge it once and for all and I will try to raise my rank so that I can compete in the rank better to see if the roles are absent or why a role as big as the original game.

The bottom line is:

First look at League of Legends: Wild Rift for smartphones

Wild Rift has given me very positive impressions and personally I enjoy so much so far within the game but the game at the same time asks a bunch of questions.

Why leave the original game and turn to the mobile version, will the game continue to give me the same amount of fun with the repetition of the games?

All these questions we will try to answer in our review after trying the game for a longer period in the coming days.