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Honor offers various options for the digital generation

 Honer continues to raise the standards of smart devices, and strives to provide the best advanced technologies to young consumers around the world, and through the creation of a smart new world for generation Z that is connected, innovative and open, the brand has provided a comprehensive smart system for digital lifestyles and the essence of this intelligence will remain the phone Smartphone is the companion of the technical generation in our present world.

Honor offers various options for the digital generation

By prioritizing the features that cater to mobile phone enthusiasts, Honor has created the two newly released flagship smartphones HONOR 9X Pro and HONOR 10X Lite. These two phones are a combination of the most desirable features, software and technical parts that provide the ultimate end user experience through advanced technologies in photography, design and performance. Thanks to the long-life battery, expandable storage capacity, and updated and various features, users will be able to enjoy a smarter life with HONOR mobile phones.

Enhanced camera capabilities to capture every moment with great precision

Thanks to the 48MP triple camera, which features all-in-one lenses that work together to create stunning shots, users will be able to capture every moment with one touch. 48-megapixel photography is a huge achievement in the smartphone field, as the power of the phone and the incredible sensor continue to attract more photography enthusiasts. With its impressive 48 million pixels, users will ensure that every amazing detail is captured in any scene. Whether it's a quick shot in a low-light background, a wide-angle landscape shot, or even a still video on the go, great lenses can capture and shoot every scenario with ease.
Honor offers various options for the digital generation

2 MP macro camera for exceptional detail

To help you see more, the 120 ° Ultra Wide Camera will enable you to capture wide and comprehensive photos. Thanks to the automatic distortion correction feature, the smartphone offers an astonishing 120-degree field of view so users can include more space in beautiful landscape shots, while the 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens with f / 2.4 focal length provides depth-of-field recognition technology to provide stunning portrait photos. The 2MP macro lens of HONOR 10X Lite captures clear images and provides a high level of detail, letting you bring out the ultra-fine detail of close-up shots. Perfect for digital enthusiasts who love to capture details of flowers, plants, food, and other small things.

HONOR 10X Lite has a wonderful design and is available in three colors: midnight black, emerald green and Icelandic ice, and has a shiny surface that reflects light when it is moved by hand. The HONOR 9X Pro comes in black and purple with a curved back made of 3D double glass.