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New details and various announcements for Final Fantasy 16 in 2021

 Undoubtedly, Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most anticipated PS5 exclusives in the coming year, and as Square Enix previously promised us to share more details about the project in early 2021, the Japanese publisher returned and repeated his previous statements recently.

New details and various announcements for Final Fantasy 16 in 2021

Game producer Naoki Yoshida (also Final Fantasy 14 director) spoke with Japanese magazine famitsu, explaining that players can expect a lot of announcements related to both games in 2021.

Please look forward to the different announcements for Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI!

Final Fantasy 16 has been in development for 4 years, and is supposed to be released exclusively on PS5, despite rumors about the PC version, and here are the most prominent details that were revealed about the game in the last period.

Final Fantasy XVI adventure takes place in a land called Valisthea, which is filled with huge mountains of sparkling crystal called Mothercrystals. These crystals have grown above the worlds around them for generations, blessing them with ether, these blessings from Mothercrystals have allowed these worlds to flourish, and for their people to live in comfort.

 Countless wars have been fought over the Mothercrystals across the earth, resulting in the rise of nations such as the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Sunbrick Empire, the Kingdom of the Walweid, the Dalmatian Republic and the Iron Kingdom, all of whom have their own culture and ideology, and the constant skirmishes have led to an uneasy peace. Between these states, but with the emergence of a devastating blight, this fragile peace began to deteriorate.