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The Epic Games Launcher is causing the Ryzen processors to overheat!

 It's clear that the Epic Games Launcher has caused some problems with users of AMD Ryzen processors, and some platforms have also confirmed this issue. The program runs in the background in order to consume more processing power than Ryzen processors, which is not considered normal for a program that works to run games placed in your library.

The Epic Games Launcher is causing the Ryzen processors to overheat!

The program made the Ryzen processors run at temperatures 20 degrees higher, and no, no game was running to reach that temperature. The program imposes its control on some threads to increase the use of the processor, and this directly affects its temperature, which rises when this happens.

There is no official solution to this crisis through Epic Games, but we advise users not to run the application when the device is automatically launched. We recommend that users run the program only when they need to play a game from their library, in order to avoid this problem that may be caused by sending data.

Submitting data to Epic Games could be the issue

Epic Games Data Consumption

Epic Games Launcher sends more than 14 times what Steam sends while it is running on the “tracking-website-prod07-epic-961842049.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com” server, according to many users.

The program sends data to many IP addresses through the aforementioned server, and herein lies the problem. But at least, the amount of data that is uploaded is much less than that downloaded through these servers. The idea here is that some users suffer from high graphics card and processor consumption rates, and here the problem with Ryzen processors appears.

If this indicates anything, it indicates that Epic Games will need to make improvements to this app to avoid problems.