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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review, Is the Black Ops Cold War campaign Good?

 Last year, Activision released the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game so that the game could achieve very great success and return the series to its original path that we have always been accustomed to, the company did not stop at this point and released the Battle Royale game COD Warzone and on the same approach the game spread and achieved great success To become one of the most popular battle royale games at the moment.

After these huge titles from the Call of Duty series, no one expected Activision to release a new sequel this year, which is what happened with COD Black Ops Cold War.

In fact, the announcement of this game was a big surprise, at least personally, because I felt that the publishing company was distracting itself a little bit by walking in more than one way with regard to the COD series, but here the game has come out and we at janapc have tried it completely and enough so that we answer you on All questions that may revolve in your mind.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

the story

Finally, the story stage has returned to the Black Ops series after its controversial disappearance from the Black Ops 4 segment and I really like Activision's focus in its marketing campaigns on it and since it sent those boxes to content makers last summer specifically with inviting them to solve some puzzles in order to reveal the game itself, and I know That the story will be something special this year, especially as it deals with a very mysterious era that arouses curiosity, full of espionage and various tasks, template and content about the feature of Modern Warfare and its era.

"Welcome to the Cold War Era", the events of the Cold War story continue what we started with the great first part of the Black Ops 1 series. Our events take place during one of the most difficult and tense periods of a period in which the Soviet Union camp fights against the camp of America and what follows that of operations Especially, but this time, the danger is greater and fiercer than before, and the reason is "Perseus" ..!

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Perseus is one of the most skilled intelligence elements in the ranks of the Soviet Union, and for an unknown reason, it recently appeared in a number of countries around the world in a manner that calls for suspicion in order to steal some American war secrets. These moves resulted in summoning the United States to a team of secret agents led by “Adler” The game focuses on a great deal and mastered the truth with the black ops team that we love and adore with Mason, Hudson and Woods returning to the atmosphere.

After a set of start-up missions, we know that the United States has a secret project known as the "green project", which is about planting an inactive nuclear bomb inside a European country, and the problem, "Precious", knows about the green project and is trying to reach and seize these nuclear bombs.

The events of the story began with me quickly and without much talk and discussion, which is exactly what I love and the most beautiful thing is that it gave me that sense of the atmosphere of espionage and playing silently and sneakily, because there is a task, for example, trying to enter into a place in disguise without carrying any weapon with you literally and the way to move from quiet tasks to those tasks is quick The style that we are used to with the Call of Duty series is the missing link that I was looking forward to seeing, especially with the Black Ops parts, because I am tired of the war events and the characteristic that Modern Warfare follows in general, and I wanted some innovation in the types of missions, which is what I found in this phase and this part.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

As for the atmosphere of the chases and the cinematic scenes that the developer generally mastered, it was wonderful, the scene of the RC-XD in the first game, which you saw in the promotional offers, looks amazing in reality, but unfortunately I did not feel that these scenes are usually many, but they were distinctive when they happen.

The character of Adler, the head of the Black Operations team, is very elaborate, and I mean that, so I immediately noticed that the focus was on it since the beginning of the game, and you will know the reason when the story phase is finished, of course, but what I want to say is that the way the character presented itself with its ambiguity, sobriety and its attractive elements was a distinguished presentation, which is a point I liked to put .

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

In general, the way to present the story itself is beautiful, and I found myself wanting to know more about it except in one element that I will talk about in the next paragraph, but back to the topic, and what I mean is mastering this idea of ​​espionage as I said and the sense that comes with it and different from anything else you may try and despite the developer’s attempts to recreate Some of the atmosphere of Black Ops 1, such as Mason, who still sees figures with his hallucinations, but they were desperate attempts, and I did not feel their strength and influence as I did with the first part.

Well, the COD Black Ops Cold War story had many revolutionary changes for the first time, some of which I liked and some did not come to the required level, first and foremost is that you can create the main character traits that you want to play with while creating her name yourself also to appear in all the dialogues and scenes And within those qualities, or may I say Perks, the character gets a speed in the Reload or in feeding weapons or health, etc., so that the game starts with some preference, which is something that I liked and a new change that has not happened before, especially since the game gives you the option to dig the background of this client. The CIA or MI6, etc., but ..

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

The problem is that these factors similar to customization and the RPG consequently underestimated the importance of the main character because it simply does not have any voice in the game, meaning that it will not interact with the rest of the characters when they are directed to speak to them, which makes the general experience extremely strange and illogical, and I did not really like it .

You may ask me about the significance of Perks and the background and does she have a major role in the story, and I will tell you yes, and contrary to what I also expected, I found that even the choices of the character differentiate in the style of play, which places weight and importance for her.

The second change is the presence of a stronghold of your operations or HQ that you move between missions to determine your next destination, and here I must say that this element took me out of the general atmosphere of the story because I found myself suddenly moving from the task I was in to a scene or clip inside the main stronghold that caused my attraction to be cut off by events, which are negative Strong.

However, perhaps the secret hideout or HQ has the advantage of being able to engage in quasi-side missions while studying some evidence to contribute significantly to the task that follows it.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

The third benign change is the idea of ​​Takedowns, which did not exist before or may I say improved here. You can hold any opponent to end him with a deadly Takedown or you can use it as a human shield to threaten the rest or protect yourself, whichever comes first.

Finally, the biggest change in existence and the important fact is the style of dialogue and the system of decisions. Officially, COD Black Ops Cold War contains a wonderful system of decisions and dialogue texts that will usually choose you between several choices at any strong event. If you are a Completionist player, you will want to finish all the challenges presented by the game, which stipulate that you complete the story a certain number of times, of course, in order to see the two different endings, but the problem is that I was not enthusiastic about the second experience even though the end itself was shocking and excellent.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Play style

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War managed to transfer the state of war in all its details to the player, the shots are everywhere and the enemy is spreading and maneuvering around you, the game contains 4 game stages, including the story, which we previously explained, the Battle Royale Warzone developed, the team play phase or the Multiplayer and Zombie Mode.

Each of these stages enables to provide a different playing experience from the other, so each phase must be talked independently, and we exclude from this matter the Warzone development because it has been around for a while and is not new, and the first season of Warzone with a version of Cold War will start in December.

Multiplayer Mode!

In general, I can consider the Multiplayer phase as one of the poorest stages I have ever experienced, not because it is bad, but because Activision raised the ceiling and level this phase a lot with COD Modern Warfare and then lowered the ceiling of expectations completely with this part which is still working with the engine of past games and not with the modern engine Warfare, which affected the experience in general, whether in terms of mechanics, sounds or even Gameplay, what I mean is that I have not witnessed in Multiplayer the amazing revolutionary shift that we have seen with Modern Warfare or that should be better too!

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review


Unlike the previous parts, this time we only have eight maps, not ten, and they are:

  • Garrison
  • Satellite
  • Moscow
  • Cartel
  • Miami
  • Checkmate
  • Armada
  • Crossroads

So if we wanted to talk about the number, I think that would be the first negative point for COD Black Ops Cold War, but did its design come out well and did it serve me in the game?

In fact, yes and very also, since Call of Duty games abandoned the principle of random Modern Warfare maps and brought us back to the Lanes system or the three lanes and the chain is improving and this is what I mentioned when my experience of the Cold War beta, so the map design itself went back to its origins and it is easy for me to save the map after So and play more quickly and tactically than before.

Within the eight maps, we have six maps of small size, i.e. 6v6 or which contain 12 players, and I can assure that these maps are their pleasure. As for the experience of Armada or Crossroads, it was bitter for me, especially since they are of a large size that accommodates up to 24 players, and of course you can conclude what Happened, the gameplay in these maps is based on luck, chaos and survival more than skills in general. I don't know exactly where the shots come from, and if you want, we can compare them to the Ground War phase in Modern Warfare.

The funniest map I have tried is both Cartel and Satellite, their design discourages any camping, their format is unnaturally fast and with them you can score the most number of kills and Moscow was also good so as I said in general, the maps in COD Black Ops Cold War are excellent as design. Except for the large maps.

Different styles!

There are no extra-ordinary modes in the Multiplayer except for two, first there is the Combined Arms which contains two Armada and Crossroads maps, which are large and accommodate from 16 to 24 players, we have the new VIP Escort mode, in which you have to protect one of your comrades as a VIP and try Delivering the helicopter safely in scenes from Battlefield Hardline is a bit, the problem is that the mode is boring and not in line with the normal, fast Call of Duty games in general.

As for the rest of the modes we have the usual from Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed along with Free For All, Control and Search and Destroy on the smaller maps.

The new style, which is very interesting, the truth is Dirty Bomb, which is similar to Warzone in terms of being a Battle Royale with ten teams, each team consisting of four people must collect uranium and put it on the barrels and blow up four different areas. What served in this style and made it very interesting is the size of the map and the action Which is not broken.

What about loadouts and various weapons!

From here there is no fundamental difference from the beta, for example, the usual thing, you have a lot of Loadouts that you can customize according to your desire and the Gunsmith pattern comes back again to be able to modify weapons with five attachments or Attachments on each weapon that you open through progressing in the Multiplayer And the level of course, and I can't find anything to say the truth about the Gunsmith, the only difference from the previous part is the type of weapons available.

And without the possibility of modifying the Field Upgrades, Lethal equipment from bombs and others or Tactical equipment from smoke bombs and skills, we witnessed the return of the Wildcards again, which gave me a great advantage in playing, but I will not exaggerate if I say that they change the course of the round permanently.

As for the weapons, they are varied, but I did not notice the amazing element in them, and currently there is a problem. It seems that the MP5 is an OP weapon, which is more powerful than necessary, so there is no exact balance between all weapons and some of them, but what I can confirm is that the sounds of weapons in general have become better at least more than the Beta, The sound of the steps has become better heard, and there is even a difference in the voices between the steps of the enemies and my comrades in the same team, so there is no difference between them, which is very benign.

In general, the game became faster than before, whether in sliding, running, or as a general mode, which is an excellent thing, the movement with the weapon was not optimal, but it felt like a weapon floating in the air, but a quick update from Treyarch solved this problem.

Finally, the Scorestreaks!

In fact, the Scorestreaks are great in that game, especially the War Machine and Chopper Gunner, and contrary to all my expectations, the new Scorestreaks system that does not lose the XP you saved after death did not turn the map into a war arena, for example, and I did not notice that everyone might get Scorestreaks, for example, on the contrary. The game remained balanced and even, which is something I was concerned about and reassured.

My deadly problem with Multiplayer is SBMM or Skill Based Matchmaking which ruined the whole experience in the literal sense, the whole idea is that as you advance in the level, you will fight players of the same level as yours as well, which makes getting many kills and playing with more difficult enjoyment. And kill the fun of casual play.

On the other hand, there are some good additions that have befallen the home platforms in particular, including the possibility of modifying the FOV exactly like the owners of the personal computer, thus allowing a more field of vision to make the game very fair, especially with a pattern that has begun to impose itself like Cross Play.

But despite all that, the multiplayer mode remains poor, both graphically and compared to the story phase and weaker than Modern Warfare or whether in the content that is presented, the Scorestreaks are good and the gameplay has seen some improvements but overall, you will not feel that this is the revolutionary multiplayer experience that you were. You expect to put 100 lines below that word predictions!

The Prestige System is back!

Perhaps the best element that can make me accept the multiplayer a bit is the return of the Prestige system with different challenges and this comes after popular demands from the players so thank God that Treyarch responded to the demands.

Zombies Upgrade!

Yes, gentlemen, this is the phase that we were waiting for its return warmly, finally the Zombies are back again and the truth is that had it not been for the Zombies and the story, COD Black Ops Cold War would have been a step back and not forward if we wanted to be frank.

This time, the Zombies are back and more interestingly than before, and yes, there are also no mods that we can say are revolutionary than any other part, but it contained its share of new details that completely changed the gameplay for what is much more fun.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

With a squad of four, I landed directly inside the beloved Die Maschine map and here the Zombies greeted me in increasing numbers over time and as the rounds went on, it got much more difficult.

Regarding the story of the Zombies itself, the return of Samantha excited everyone and myself, but the return of the Black Aether is the lost return, in general, the events of our story take place in the period of the Cold War in the 1980s, you play as one of the CIA agents in that period in a group called Requiem that tries to uncover The ambiguity surrounding a certain region because you received strange signals from it and the idea that the opposing team is a Soviet group called Omega and when they compete to reach the source of that signal.

The first thing I noticed is that you can use the Loadouts that you opened in the multiplayer mode itself and go down in the first rounds in which you try to gain points and reach a high rank and a large number of rounds while trying to stay against the Zombies without dying, which is an excellent addition in my opinion and generally not Complete with all those weapons and set out to do the game's task of returning electricity to the place and then turning on the computer to open the door to the other dimension of Aether and going there to take the Pack a Punch and bring it back to the current dimension.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

And if you missed it, we are here to assure you that the best weapon in the whole Zombies series, which is Ray-Gun, has come back again in the part of COD Black Ops Cold War, something that excites many players because it usually kills Zombies.

Pack A Punch machines are also not only that, but the ability to buy the most powerful weapons from the Wall or get them with some luck through mystery boxes or Mystery Boxes, which means more chaotic and randomness in the game, which are the features that we loved in the Zombies phase previously However, there are a lot of changes in terms of weapons!

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

In the Zombies phase, the weapons will follow for the first time the idea of scarcity, as they will be divided according to their rarity into segments, which are normal / unusual / rare / wonderful / and of course legendary and the most beautiful is that the more legendary a particular weapon, the higher the damage rate with more attachments or Attachments. Like the legendary weapon, which comes with a damage rate of 300% and eight Attachments, and the truth is that this is a new way to completely change the balance of gameplay and make it depend on your performance more than it depends on luck with Mystery Boxes or collecting money to buy a powerful weapon from the Wall.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

In order to place importance on the Mystery Boxes and balance matters also, these boxes will throw high-level equipment and weapons with the progress in the rounds, which means that you will return to the Mystery Boxes more than once to try your luck during your quest to increase the scarcity of your weapon, for example, or to obtain a powerful weapon from the start, which is not what It wasn't happening before.

There are six Perks that Call of Duty fans know and they are not new items, and I'm talking about Jugger Nog which increases your life points by 50, we have Quick Revive which reduces Revive time by 50% and reduces the time you need to return your life points to the previous by 50%.

We have the return of Speed ​​Cola to increase the weapon feed speed by 15% with Stamin Up which increases the cricket rates as we have Deadshot and the new Elemental Pop, but the new and very exciting thing is that for the first time you can evolve from any Perk forever through three different Tiers that make their effects. Much more powerful, and to do so, you will need to collect Aetherium Crystals as you play and win rounds, and add to all this the possibility of developing Field Upgrades such as Frost Blast, which freezes all Zombies in their places and others.

The gameplay factor in the Zombies mode will focus this time on the chaos factor, endless fighting and lots of bullets and playing with any weapon you want and your liking, and with devastating Scorestreaks like Chopper Gunner and War Machine you have enemies and turn them to pieces for the first time ever within the mode, this is an addition Excellent that will change the course of any tour.

What is new is that you can literally buy shields to protect yourself, and this was not there before. Add zombies to drop some pieces or the Salvage that you use to craft new equipment and weapons, and those items changed the gameplay completely.

You and your companions can choose to escape from the map and apply the great escape movie through an excellent feature called ExFil. If you feel that Zombies have multiplied on you and here, a greater flow of Zombies will come out as you try to escape to the extraction point with a helicopter waiting for you, and if you succeed in staying, you will get Aether crystals And XP is more than normal, which you can use in the development of Perks and so on, and it is an addition that we think will make the last moments of any adrenaline tour unforgettable at all.

Finally, Zombies includes another Upside Down mode that is what you think of: Dead Ops Arcade which offers a cartoonish arcade experience in a point of nostalgia brought back by Treyarch.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Graphics, phonetics.

There is no dust on the graphic level of the game, we are talking about a game that works with great graphics for the new generation, the world of the game contains a lot of details, as if you are really in a war battlefield, the details of the faces and characters, especially Adler, the illusion of the truth, and I will not forget the scene of President Ronald Reagan at the time of the meeting with the band Black Ops, the whole scene is awesome and the detail and faceted animations in it are amazing.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

As for the colors, they were very saturated and the picture was very clear, even if the mission events were taking place in the dark, as for the acoustics, they were very elaborate and realistic, starting from the vocal performance of the characters in the course of the story and passing through to the sounds of weapons that I found quite realistic.

The design of the game world itself is imaginatively infused with the 80s era and I talk about the shape of the clothes, the cigarettes, the setting itself, the neon everywhere and even the kind of music that goes with the same period of time all of which are details that Activision and Treyarch have carefully scrutinized to perfectly imitate that era.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

COD Black Ops Cold War works with a wonderful 4K display resolution, the truth is both on the PC that we tried the game on for the new generation of PS5, the textures are clear without contrast in it and the general shape of the game makes you accept it more, especially when you activate the ray tracing pattern on the PS5, which showed beautiful reflections For neon ponds.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review

Finally, the game faces a big problem, its meaning is understandable, but it made me very tired, which is the idea of ​​the need to always connect to the Internet to play even in the single phase!

the performance

The PC version of the game has a completely smooth performance, and you can run the game at the highest graphic settings by a mid-range graphics processor with a frame count of up to 70 frames per second.

Also, when I tried the game on a powerful computer, I did not notice an unusual increase in temperature, and we can say that the game does not suffer from performance problems, at least for the PC version, and it looks very optimized and the same with the PS5 version with access to 60FPS fixed in the performance mode.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War review


"The Black Ops series returned. This is true, but it was an incomplete comeback that disappointed us a bit and reduced our expectations that we had aspired to with it, especially after Modern Warfare. And despite offering a great story, Zombies developed fun to the fullest, but the multiplayer mode and the main artery of the game was Very poor, did not live up to the required standard and was unable to outperform the Modern Warfare part, we will not consider it a setback, but a setback. We hope that the Black Ops series will return from it in a better way in the next part.


A story written carefully and with many details.

Smooth performance without heavy equipment.

Graphics and audio are highly accurate and realistic.

Super fun developing Zombies with benign new mechanics


The problem of constantly needing to connect to the network, even to play the single phase

Multiplayer mode is very poor and in content rich compared to Modern Warfare