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Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review

 In 2017, the Bungie team released Destiny 2 under the banner of the publisher Activision, and at the time the game was able to provide a very good gaming experience that addressed many of the shortcomings of the first part, but not to the satisfaction of the development team.

Then, in 2019, surprisingly, the development team Bungie announced that the copyright of Destiny 2 would be transferred to it, and in this way the team would become the publisher and the developer as well, and the team commented at the time on this step and said that it would be able to achieve its view of the game without any controls from the publisher as well. It was happening in the past.

Indeed, the team has taken great steps towards the important title, starting with converting it to a free title with paid add-ons that the player can purchase to enjoy the content inside it and it is clear that the team will continue to support the game in this way for several years to come from now.

The latest expansion of Destiny 2 comes to us with the title Beyond Light. According to the statements of the development team, this expansion represents the first step in the game’s transition to the new stage of its life, especially since the team plans to issue three giant expansions for the game, this expansion is the first of them.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review

Beyond Light story.

Beyond Light expansion takes us to a dark icy moon containing dark energy and force called the Europa Moon, as the Guardian confronts the rise of a new dark force trying to take over the rest of the universe, killing and fighting the light.

Follow the events and learn that the new force is called Stasis, and now you will face a completely new enemy called Eramis. Fortunately some legendary characters from the first part return to help you fight them, Exo Stranger and The Drifter.

With the help of the characters that we talked about, you will be able to stop the forces of darkness trying to control the universe, get rid of the remaining light and of course the last city we know.

Well, the story of the expansion is excellent and it has been written elaborately, the dialogue texts are wonderful, as well as the cinematic scenes with a lot of remarkable directorial creativity, but unfortunately the story is very short, so we are talking about a story of about 3 hours or 4 hours at best, and of course this time is considered very short Especially since the expansion was promoted as one of the most important expansions that the game got.

In any case, the Bungie team is expected to release a series of successive updates that add more missions, and do not forget that the expansion also comes with a new Raid mission entitled The Deep Stone Crypt that takes a lot of time.

We also all know that the game depends on collecting loot and improving your character more than any other. In Beyond Light expansion, it takes a lot of time as you collect weapons and develop your character.

If you are a new player.

As you can see, we are talking about an existing game from 2017 originally, and this is nothing but a new expansion for it, and of course if you are a new player, you may feel a little afraid of going through the experience because the game already has many players who have come a long way.

But the development team has prepared for this problem, as the game begins with a very long task that qualifies you to fully understand the game before you go to the Tower area, which is the main city in the game, and by reaching it you will have realized almost everything about the game, whether in terms of gameplay or in terms of story itself.

But this introduction is very long, as this task requires you to almost a full three hours, and here it becomes a big and boring hindrance if you already know the game and play on a new account for any reason and I think it would have been more appropriate to put the possibility of skipping these tasks.

Play style.

Of course everyone is now waiting for the most important and most important information related to the style of playing Beyond Light, and in fact this expansion adds many new gameplay elements, perhaps the most prominent of which are:

New Force System.

Now there is a new force known as Stasis, and this force gives different skills according to the character that you play, whether it is Titan, Hunter or Warlock, but if we notice these skills, we will find that they depend more on controlling the battlefield where they can freeze the enemy or create a wall of ice.

This new power is fun to the utmost degree in PVE, especially as the player began to feel a little bored with the old skills, but unfortunately at the same time the new system completely destroys the PVP because these skills are much stronger compared to the skills already in the game, especially the Warlock character that I became invincible with these new capabilities.

Delete a lot of planets.

With the passage of time the game world became too large and the tasks began to bifurcate and accumulate on the player a little provocatively and here Bungie deleted a group of planets such as Leviathan, Io, Titan, Mercury, Mars, and now some may wonder about the fate of the Exotic weapons of these planets and what the Raid located on it.

Fortunately, the development team did not forget this point, and you can now obtain these weapons through a store located in the Tower in exchange for some coins and tools that you get from other Raid missions.

This deletion may be admired by many, but at the same time it has a negative impact on some, because for sure there was someone related to these planets or the missions on them, but surely if you are a new player, you will not feel anything positive or negative because you do not know originally the planets that have been deleted and the size of the tasks inside them .

Raid's new mission, The Deep Stone Crypt.

The expansion comes with a new Raid mission, and the Raid missions are difficult missions that require cooperation between more than one player to succeed in them. Personally, I advise you to go to these missions with friends because it becomes more fun.

Of course, the Raid mission contains very distinct spoils due to its difficulty, but in fact the mission that we have here was not very difficult, but was very acceptable and enjoyable at the same time.

Repeat assignments.

Unfortunately, the game still suffers from repetition of missions in some way, do not understand me wrong, dear reader, I know that it is a shooting game, imitate roles and spoils that live on repetition and continue to shoot at enemies, but I was hoping to add some elements to the task sequence itself because the tasks are very typical and traditional and depend on ideas Old like going to a certain point, plugging in a certain socket, or collecting things.

Cartoons and music.

The moon Europa is a completely dark moon that was attacked by darkness and ice, and the sun almost does not shine on it, which was reflected in the design of the environment, where snow colors were used a lot, but in the end it was dazzling and comfortable for the eye despite its frequent and lack of elements in order to serve the idea of ​​the game.

As for the cinematic scenes, in fact it was very different and not accustomed to the game, because we are not used to the cinematic scenes served within the Destiny game, but this expansion contained many excellent scenes from the directorial point of view.

The game is still suffering in terms of character design, specifically with regard to facial features, as the details are not sharp at all and there is nothing to distinguish them. Generally during the creation of a character for the first time, you will see that the features of the characters are somewhat strange or not beautiful in the clearest sense.

Also, when you get very close to the other characters, you find that a technical problem appears, which is that your character enters the face of the other character standing in front of it, as if the other characters in the game are air or have no actual space in the game world.

The acoustics and music in the game is wonderful in every sense of the word, whether the sounds of weapons, the vocal performance or the music in the background and the only problem here is that the music appears and disappears at many times.

the performance.

This point is not new to the game, but it should be addressed in the event that you are a completely new player to the series and want to buy the game.

All we can say is that the performance of this game is great by all standards, for example if you want to play with a display resolution of 1920 × 1080, you need a medium-class device only and you will get a frame rate of 60 frames per second very steadily and you can start with frames with a medium-class graphic processor such as GTX 1660 Super.

As for the performance of the game during the cinematic scenes, you notice a decrease in the frames, but not in a way that affects the game experience or watching the movie clip.


Beyond Light expansion was able to provide a very enjoyable experience from an anecdotal standpoint, but its period of time was very short. As for the style of play, so far the new strength is a negative factor on the PVP system because it forces the player to use it and leave the rest of the classic abilities.

Of course, the expansion is very important and pivotal, and if you play Destiny 2 or love it, you must definitely purchase this expansion and try it, but at the same time the expansion is not good enough to attract a completely new player to the series.